12 Hours Solo!

From Life with Tinsley:

What can I say: Tinsley, you are a trooper!

For 12 days you have been on a machine that has done all the breathing for you and a tube that did all the feeding for you.  While it may sound like a dream world for some people, all that was because you were so sick that you could not do it for yourself.

Today you did something so amazing: you breathed by yourself for half of the day!  You are getting so strong and healthy.  Everyone was so worried about you and so many people were praying for you.  It is such exciting news that you are finally able to do it on your own.  It did make you very tired because of how much harder you had to work because you were so sick, but the doctors are very impressed at how you are doing.

Mommy, Daddy, and Gramie are learning how to take care of you when we finally get to take you back home.  There are a bunch of new things we have to do to keep you safe, but the nurses will help us learn how to do it so there should not be any problems.

We are still trying to find out how well you are going to be able to drink your milk with this new contraption.  But other than that we are just waiting for you to get even stronger and breathe even more by yourself.

We all keep praying for you and trusting that God will take good care of you.


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