Baby is Home with New Challenges

After no less than 29 days in the hospital, Tinsley is finally home.  He is now on a trach and is getting continuous feeds on an n-j tube.  We have many new pieces of equipment and around the clock care, but in less than a week we are starting to settle into a new routine.

We will also have the help of a home care nurse who hopefully will be starting within a week.  I have to admit that stress is high and sometimes the overwhelmed feeling is accompanied by tears.  All in all we are trusting in God’s sovereignty and the grace that he has already shown our family, especially Tinsley.

God is not surprised by what is happening.  He has a perfect plan and he does indeed “work all things to the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”  He has already taught us so much in these experiences and I trust that the lesson is not over.  I do not claim to understand what this is all about, but I do trust that God does and He is as always in control.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank those members of the Body of Christ, especially at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, for meals, calls, messages, prayers, and visits.  Our first family is those who have been adopted as children of our Lord, and it is such a blessing to even have people working in the hospital (Dr. Chad Davis, Matt Overley) or nearby (Kristine Collins) who have taken time to come down the hall and remind us of the love that God bestows on His own.

While I hate asking for help, know that we still need your prayers and support especially now as we are now fully responsible for Tinsley’s daily care.


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