Twitter Tuesday 8/9/2011

Another week of drama with our son’s health.  We took him to the ED last Tuesday and he was just released today.  He had some sort of infection, but responded well to antibiotics.  Continue to pray for him as he had two strange episodes (crying, constriction of pupils, and gray color) that the doctors have concluded was him being overwhelmed and frightened of what is happening to him.  Poor little guy has been through so much in his first 3.5 months.

We did have the pleasure of meeting a family who have been heavily involved in the local Little People (LP) scene.  The McKee family was in the hospital as well and we just happened to meet because by chance they happened to walk past our room on Sunday.  What a wonderful new family we have because of our son’s impressive difference.

With yet another hospital trip, my Twitter feed has been fairly quiet except for some updates on his condition:

  • Pray for Tinsley. He is on the way to the hospital w Hidi + nurse. No imminent danger; trouble breathing in mornings. Getting him checked. (8/2)
  • Tinsley is being admitted into PICU. He is smiling and feeling better already. Expecting to be in the hospital for a few days. (8/2)
  • As every other special day this year, Hidi and I will be celebrating our anniversary in the hospital with our son. 😐 (8/3)
  • Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of – Spurgeon (via @Spurgeon_)
  • Baby Tinsley is responding well to antibiotics and has moved from PICU to a regular hospital room! The Lord is merciful and gracious!! (8/4)
  • God used evil kings to do His will. Following the will of God is #notthegospel and cannot save your soul.
  • Tinsley decided he didn’t want to go home after all. He got extremely upset after we put him in the carseat. Assessment in the morning. (8/7)
  • Finally got that little stinker back home! Tinsley is recovering well and smiling. (8/9)

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