Twitter Tuesday 8/23/2011

One again things have been quite here because Tinsley is again in the hospital.  Yesterday was the 4-month anniversary of his birth.  Circumstances are similar to his last hospital admission: breathing trouble and needing more oxygen.  We will be meeting with our team of doctors later this week to decide on what kind of surgery he needs to eliminate his reflux and aspiration that continue to threaten his airway.

In the meantime, here are some highlights from my Twitter feed including some pictures.  I have begun using instagram to post pictures, so if you are also a user feel free to connect with me that way as well.

  • Whether or not 1 believes in the doctrines of grace is, ultimately, a matter of submitting to the supreme lordship of Christ. -Steve Lawson
  • Regeneration is the act of God and of God alone. –John Murray
  • Can a child become unborn after he is born? Can a Christian be unborn again once he is born again?
  • The virgin birth was monergistic. Mary was passive. Joseph was passive. But the Holy Spirit was active. – Steve Lawson
  • One man cannot save the world… because one man already did.
  • Pray for Tinsley. Just turned up his o2 to the highest it has been since surgery; he is still having trouble keeping his blood o2 levels up. (8/18)
  • Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. (tweeted from the ER)
  • I’m tired of “there;” I want to be “and back again.” (8/22)
  • I’m all attitude! (picture from 8/22)
  • My source for late night entertainment (picture from 8/22)

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