Tinsley Tuesday: 9/13/2011

Admit it, the only reason you have bothered to read my Tuesday posts is to get an update on the kid.  Well, instead of continuing to play the game, I have changed from “Twitter Tuesday” to “Tinsley Tuesday” so you now can get what you want straight out.

Afterall, who am I but a proud father that enjoys shouting out about his son?

Tinsley has now been out of the hospital for 11 days and seems to be doing very well.  He has not required anything out of the ordinary (ordinary being breathing support with oxygen, trach, suction, and breathing treatments and feeding support with his g-tube and a continuous feed).  He has been more and more adept at using his hands to grasp things (as you can see in the above picture as he yanks on the elastic holding his trach collar on).  That head is moving more all the time as he build agility and freedom of movement.

Hidi painted is room a light green over the weekend and I am working on a mural design of a giraffe, hopefully to be completed by this time next week.  That means that the kid is living on the floor in the living room, something that comes as a thrill for him because he is now able to spent more time involved in family life.  The dogs enjoy “kissing” him, but have been great about leaving him alone.

All in all we expect him to continue to improve.  We continue to welcome your support through prayer and any other help you may be able and willing to offer.


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