Review: Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions

Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely QuestionsVintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions by Mark Driscoll
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Are you one of those people who wonder who theology books are even written for?  5 volumes with 500 pages each sound a bit intimidating?  Well, perhaps this book is for you.  Vintage Jesus is a contemporary and conversational theology of Jesus written by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears for people who care about theology, but may not know where to start.

Driscoll and Breshears do a terrific job presenting the essentials of what the Bible teaches about Jesus and then make it relevant to our lives as Christians.  It is a good book for you if you are just cutting your theological teeth or just looking for a refresher with some new insights.  For instance, the authors speculate about an allusion to the virgin birth of Jesus way back in Genesis 3.

The weakest part of the book was in its effort to not only be contemporay and conversational, but also “relevant” to popular culture.  There were a number of superfluous references made to popular culture that were entirely in error.  The most obvious one was about the Monty Python film The Life of Brian.  According to the book, the movie portrayed the life of Jesus and most shockingly put him on the cross laughing and dancing.  On the contrary, the film only depicted Christ in brief moments and those were highly reverent.  The movie was about Brian, the title character, whose life closely paralleled Jesus’ in a way that was likely rampant for the time as the Jewish people longed for someone to be their Messiah and to free them from Roman rule.   With such an easily verifiable mistake so early in the book, the entire work opens itself up to skepticism, even though most of it is very strong theologically and biblically.

Regardless, Vintage Jesus is a helpful opportunity for sharing a thorough theology of Christ with people who would generally not see themselves reading a systematic.  Use it as part of a wider conversation about the height, depth, and breadth of the love of God expressed in His Son.


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