Review: Foundations of Grace

Foundations of Grace
Foundations of Grace by Steven J. Lawson
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Not only does the New Testament tell the story of Jesus, but every page is like a road sign that points the way to salvation.  This story is told by a series of godly men throughout the history of humankind and their contributions are collected in the Bible.  The way that their testomonies present a unified harmony is both astonishing and is itself a testimony to the truth of their witness.

In Foundations of Grace, Steven Lawson takes each book of the Bible and demonstrates the doctrines of grace from each author’s perspective.   While many think that they are 16th century inventions, Lawson shows how each are woven into the fabric of the entire testimony of Scripture.

Rather than being a cover-to-cover read, this is a perfect resource to have to supplement a Bible study or discussion on the doctrines of grace themselves.  Having read it straight through, I found it impressively helpful in learning more about the depth that the doctrines run in different books and in edifying my own belief in a God who loves so deeply that he completely and effectively saves those He chooses.

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