Tinsley Update 9/29/2011

Back in the hospital for the last few days.  Tinsley is doing better than ever and he was admitted just so Mom and Dad could learn about how to support him in his breathing.  He has been working so hard to breathe that he is probably using energy that he needs to grow.

He will be on a ventilator just for breathing support in a CPAP setting.  What that means is the machine will help to inflate his lungs, which should not only help making breathing a bit easier but also help move out the mucus and fluid that has been sitting in his lungs to give him even more lung capacity to use to breathe.

We expect to be in the hospital at least until Monday as plans continue develop on how best to use the new equipment to give him the best shot at growing and staying healthy through the winter.

GOOD NEWS! We have learned that Tinsley’s trachial malasia has definitely been improving as he grows and matures.  He is also no longer on a continuous feed and the doctors are fairly aggressively shorting his feeding time and increasing volume to help give him more calories with which to grow.  He also had an evaluation with First Steps and while he is behind in his motor development he is advanced in his cognitive development!

The Lord continues to sustain us all in this trying time.  Not only is His assurance of care for us as His children a strong comfort, but your continued prayers, calls, emails, Facebook comments, meals, and everything else that demonstrates our spiritual ties.  We have seen God’s amazing providence continue to favor Tinsley’s continued health and recovery, and we continue to pray that His will be done.


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