Review: Sammy and His Shepherd

Sammy and His Shepherd
Sammy and His Shepherd by Susan Hunt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book by Susan Hunt, consultant for the PCA’s Women in the Church ministry, tells the story of a little sheep named Sammy who is in the care of the good shepherd.  He befriends a nameless sheep in another pasture and calls him My Friend.  As Sammy and My Friend grow to care for one anther, My Friend learns about how the good shepherd takes care of his sheep, so unlike his own shepherd who is cruel and uncaring.

In desperation, My Friend attempts to escape his own pasture by digging under the fence.  Sammy becomes upset and soon the shepherd notices what is going on:

Finally the shepherd freed My Friend from the fence.  He picked her up and held her tenderly in his arms.  “I will buy her from you,” he said to the other shepherd.

“Why do you want to buy her?  She’s so sickly she’ll probably die.”

The good shepherd smiled.  “Maybe so, but I love her and I want her to be one of my sheep.”

He paid the man and began to walk across the pasture holding the dirty, sickly sheep.  Sammy skipped along beside the shepherd, bursting with happiness.

Hunt does a beautiful job of telling the story of our Lord Jesus in this childlike story of sheep putting trust in their shepherd and journeying with him even into places that seem dangerous.

Brought to life with colorful artwork, this book could easily be considered a “child’s first Bible commentary” as each chapter exposits Psalm 23 verse by verse.  I, too, found it to be a refreshing look at the gospel as I took the journey with Sammy and My Friend to the heights where there were greener pastures and still streams.

A bit advanced for my 5-month-old, but I look forward to sharing this book with him when he is older, though he does already enjoy the picutres.  A great way to share the gospel with any elementary age student as they learn about how My Friend grows to  love and trust the good shepherd.

[Legal: A copy of this book was provided as compensation for this review.]


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