Tinsley Update: Why You Will Not See Us This Christmas


The last few weeks have been chocked full of milestones and improvements in Tinsley’s overall health.  He continues to show terrific stability in his ability to maintain his breathing and oxygen saturation with only normal “room air.”  His head control continues to improve and all of his therapists through First Steps are regularly surprised at his progress week to week.

He only had one serious incident, which was last week.  Tinsley had a small skin irritation from one of his sensor stickers.  We loaded him up in the car and he did not look especially well once we got to the doctor’s office.  We put him on oxygen and he appeared to improve.  However, once we got him in the car again he had significantly decreased his respiratory rate and was foaming at the mouth.

We ended up at an unfamiliar ER and had to instruct the medical staff on what he needed.  His wise mother suddenly thought, “What if he just has a plug?”  We changed his trach and he immediately began to breathe comfortably.  Good news from the experience was a precautionary x-ray that the attending physician deemed “crystal clear.”

We Will Not See You This Christmas

As much as we would love to show of our amazing miracle, it is crucial that he does not leave the house.  Because of his respiratory problems and the compromise he has due to his trach, Tinsley is at high risk for illness.  Our doctors tell us that a cold could cause him to be hospitalized and the flu could be life-threatening.  He is even at risk for diseases that people without trachs could not even get.  Tinsley had a brief problem with tracheitis a few weeks ago that required a few days in the hospital and antibiotics for a week after he came home.

Not only that, but here is what we need for Tinsley for a visit lasting only a few hours:

What you do not see here are the three major pieces of equipment that are actually attached to him, his emergency kit, his emergency oxygen tank, his suction machine, and, well, the baby.  There are no overnight bags and nothing for the parents, except perhaps a book.

We DO have Skype and a webcam, so if you also have Skype and a webcam we can wave to you and talk to you via internet where the only viruses that live will not hurt our boy.

As always I want to thank you all for your kind words, prayers, and other support as we continue to meet Tinsley’s health challenges.  There is little doubt, if any, that God is at work in our sweet baby’s life.  We are constantly amazed as we reflect on these past months at just how many details have been ironed out so far in advance.

Have a blessed Advent season and a merry Christmas!


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