Barbara Walters on Guilt and Abortion

When does life begin?  This one question is cornerstone to the debate on abortion and the so-called “woman’s right to choose.”  Beyond the obvious biblical references (Ps. 139:13, Ps. 51:5), there are whole cultures that celebrate a child’s date of conception as the beginning of life by adding a full year to the person’s age.

Yet people on the pro-abortion side of the debate argue that life begins much later.  Some suggesting that life begins with a beating heart (week 3) and others believe that it begins with the first breath outside the womb.  Surely Barbara Walters and the liberal ladies on The View would agree with one another that life begins, the “pregnancy” becomes a child, at birth.

On February 8th, the topic on the show was sparked by a ruling in Texas that upholds a law that requires women to view an ultrasound of the baby inside them before choosing to abort.

Not surprisingly there were strong opinions about anything that would discourage women from “making the choice” that they have decided.  However, what was said in the discussion was remarkably telling.

Joy Behar said she disagrees with the Texas court decision because it “forc[es] somebody to confront something that they have already decided they don’t want to deal with.”  Joy’s something is a human life, and to suggest that the woman does not want to confront that human life may mean that the woman has not actually considered the decision at all.  Who makes any sort of decision without first confronting the choice before them.

However, the most telling part of the discourse was the lecture of Barbara Walters herself.  In her emphatic tone she shares foolish empathy with women whose situation is completely unknown to her and imbuing them with an alleged moral conscience when she suggests that it is a “heartbreaking” decision to “give up a child that is obviously unwanted.”

Herein lies the fault of her argument.  In sharing such concern for the mother of the unwanted child she not only calls it a “child,” but admits that in even making the decision that there is much guilt involved.  Furthermore, her objection to viewing an ultrasound is that it puts “more guilt” on the mother.

Ms. Walters, why would a woman feel guilty if it is something that is not morally objectionable?  The only reason for a woman to feel guilt about making a choice to “end her pregnancy” is if there is actually a life inside of her, a human life, that will end by her hand.  In your objections to the Texas court’s decision, you have covertly admitted that there is something viable inside that woman.  How can you hold both ideas at once?  Either it is not objectionable and therefore should not incite guilt or it is murder of a human life.  You cannot stand against this court’s decision without betraying yourself.

God, forgive us as Americans, for living in a society that can allow people to condone murder in the name of human autonomy and the “American dream.”

Click here for full transcript and video clip of the discussion.


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4 responses to “Barbara Walters on Guilt and Abortion

  • John Downey

    God forgive us indeed. Good post Aaron.

  • Boz

    Can you envision anything that will change your mind on the topic of abortion ?

  • Aaron Gardner

    Boz, one or more of these may cause me to rethink my position: a demonstration that the unborn child that was conceived during rape is culpable for that heinous act. A demonstration of the complete absence of life in a fertilized egg; even at that most primitive stage there is a full set of unique human DNA. A demonstration of how the death of an unborn child who is wanted by the mother is killed maliciously can be tried in a court of law as murder, but a woman who chooses to kill the life inside her can write it off as just a cluster of cells.

  • Time to View

    Solutions to abortion will never develop as long as abortion is acceptable.

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