Review: Parenting by God’s Promises

Parenting by God's Promises
Parenting by God’s Promises by Joel R. Beeke
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As a new father I frankly feel overwhelmed at times by what is happening in our world, knowing that my son will have to face challenges that are likely increasingly difficult. It seems that every day I read about “parents” who decide to end the life of their unborn child and most recently about parents who are sueing because they chose to give birth to a child that was later diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

It is in this world that we are called to parent. How we face these challenges as adults has everything to do with how we raise our children. What values will they have? How can we help guide them through the mines of moral indiscretion and raise them to hate sin or even to know what sin is much of the time?

In the book Parenting by God’s Promises Joel Beeke does not seek to address all these differrent issues, but he graciously paints a picture of raising a godly Christian family in our modern/postmodern/post-Christian world.

I have to say that Joel Beeke must be an extraordinary individual.  I have read one other book by him and get the distinct impression that he is a modern-day Puritan.  At one point in this book he mentions current technology and it took me a moment to realize that it was not an anachronism.  Beeke both overwhelms me with how far I have yet to go and with how it may be possible with concerted effort to become as humble and faithful as he is.

A warning I would give to my readers is that there is much in early chapters about baptizing infants.  For me the jury is still out on that issue and I think that I am at least growing in my understanding of the doctrine.  Even so, Beeke does give one of the best explanations of the doctrine, where in Scripture it is implicitly taught, and why it is practiced

A small frustration with the book was that there was at least one recommended resource thaat is currently out of print.  This being a new book I would have hoped that any material mentioned would be more readily available.

Let this book challenge you to seek a Christ-centered life for you and for your children.  Beeke speaks from his own parenting experience to encourage Christ-centeredness not only on Sundays, but in daily worship privately and with the family.  Learn to style your parenting after the perfect example of our heavenly Father.

Copy of book provided by publisher for review.


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2 responses to “Review: Parenting by God’s Promises

  • Brandon P.

    Yeah for baptizing babies 🙂

  • elohimito

    I’ve wanted to read this book since I heard him at the DG conference. So inspired by him! I’m pretty settled on the baptism issue too 🙂 RC Sproul’s side of the debate he did with Johnny Mac tipped me over the edge!

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