Review: The Jesus We Missed: The Surprising Truth About The Humanity Of Christ

The Jesus We Missed: The Surprising Truth About The Humanity Of Christ
The Jesus We Missed: The Surprising Truth About The Humanity Of Christ by Patrick Henry Reardon
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“Sure, Jesus was the Son of God, which means he was fully man, but he was also fully God, right?”  That is certainly where most of us Christians like to draw the line.  After all, when we consider the majority of attacks on our faith, talking about Jesus’ humanity is really not a priority.  Why, then, in trying to defend our faith against those who deny the divinity of Christ do we bother looking into his humanity?

 That is perhaps a perfect question to bring you to read this impressive book by Patrick Henry Reardon.  The spotlight is turned to the humanity of Christ, his formation, and his understanding of his personal mission to save sinners.  Reardon talks about how it may be that Christ did not just know his goal was to die on the cross, but that he may have come to that understanding gradually.  After all, Mary was told that he would “save his people from their sins,” but it was not a plan fully innumerated.

Reardon also makes brilliant points about how Christ’s humanity means as much as his divinity in his role as our intercessor, our substitution, and our imputed righteousness.  After all, the fact that Jesus lived a human life and never failed to live up to God’s standard means not only that he qualified to be our substitute, but that we stand to inherit his perfect record; his perfection is credited to our account!

Although there were sections that went a bit off track into other aspects of his character, this was a book that definitely challenged me to see more clearly what the book of Hebrews means when it says that Jesus was not ashamed to call us his brothers.

Note: a copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.  No obligation was given to give the book a positive review; all views expressed are my own and not influenced by the publisher.


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