Beginning Again… or The Road Goes Ever On

Greeting from beyond my hiatus.

It was often a curiosity of mine how my dad could be so tired after several hours of driving when all he was doing was sitting, touching the wheel, and keeping his foot poised over the gas pedal. Vigilance takes so much energy, and it is vigilance that is required in motoring down the highway and managing a child's chronic illness.

Yes, Tinsley is getting better. He continues to improve and we often now joke that he is making our lives more and more dull because of the ubiquity of 100% oxygen saturation readings, even while he is asleep. For Mom and Dad it is the constant vigilance that makes it difficult to keep the eyes seeing and the brain processing. Just in the last week I have found my brain coming back online, so it only seemed apropos to bring it back online in the blog.

I have spent much time thinking about the blog. What do I want to say? How does the title A Great Work guide my purpose in writing this blog? Here is what I have come up with and what you should be able to expect for the foreseeable future:

  1. In the spirit of Dear Mr. Henshaw, I plan to write posts to particular people that I have known in my life. I don't intend to begin any post with “Dear So and So,” but I plan to write with a particular person in mind. The hope is that it will help me to hone my thoughts rather than attempt to write to everyone. I expect that all who read these posts will continue to appreciate them as much as before, but it may at times feel more like walking in on a conversation. Leaning on the benefits of this being an online log, you do have the option of posing questions and asking for more information at different points.
  2. I will continue to review books, specifically good Christian resources that I would recommend. You may occasionally find a review of a substandard book here, but that will definitely be the exception.
  3. If you are reading this and think that I have sold out on my “discernment” writing at this point, be warned: there is more than one way to practice discernment. If one teaches the truth with fervency and diligence, it will no doubt enable recognition of counterfeit.
  4. Finally I plan to increase the frequency of posts, although, knowing my own mentality regarding schedules and deadlines, I cannot see setting myself any particular rate. My hope is that my writing will be organic in the way that ideas germinate, while avoiding the tendency to write simply because a post is “due.”
  5. Comments will all be reviewed and approved individually. Too often initial comments have grossly strayed from the original topic and distracts from other points of conversation. To that end I plan to reserve the right to either completely dismiss a comment, save the comment for use as a topic of a subsequent post, or post it for appropriate interaction. I have been aware that some people simply do not comment or interact because the conversation is either so off track or is intimidating, thus my hope that this will encourage more of this kind of interaction. This is no way is intended to limit discussion on hot topic areas, but rather to keep conversations on topic, allow me to have adequate time and opportunity for response, and to encourage interaction from more people.

Nehemiah's “good work” was building the wall of Jerusalem. The wall and the temple were the symbols of God's favor on his people, all having fallen into disrepair. Building the wall showed that the people's hearts were turning back to God, and under Nehemiah's inspired guidance the people were moved to serve by examining the faults of the wall and then building its strength. While the work of discernment does require identifying weakness and faults, it cannot stop there.


I hope that in returning to writing this blog I can help to build strength. Sometimes I may find myself pointing out places in the wall in need of repair, but my intention is to spend the majority of my energy building… and I pray we can build together.


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