About Aaron


Aaron Gardner is passionate about working to help people live more productive and inspired lives by connecting them to deeper meaning, particularly through relationship with Jesus Christ.  Aaron holds a degree in Bible and Christian Ministries from Anderson University and a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Grace College and Theological Seminary.  He is also ordained as a minister in the Church of God.

Through his years of experience in church ministry and counseling, Aaron has a unique perspective on how to interface with our current culture, develop community, and connect with people in ways that help people to move toward a deeper and more intimate relationship with one another as well as God.  Aaron has specifically worked with people with addictions who have helped him to develop this type of interface that is both genuine and inviting that also serves to empower people toward change.

As a speaker, writer, and communicator Aaron hopes to continue to contribute to the conversation to reclaim the Gospel and its embedded relevance not only for non-believers but for Christians.

He lives with his wife, newborn son and their two dogs in central Indiana.

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