Speaking Experience

Churches and Christian Ministries:

Various Church of God Congregations
(Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania)

I have had the privilege and honor of being called to fill the pulpit at a number of different churches.  My favorite topics have been the Kingdom of God.  We have been challenged by Jesus to see in our world in ways that are contrary to the ways that we have often learned to see it.  I love challenging and empowering people to give themselves for this dynamic and radical gospel message.

Church at the Crossing
(Indianapolis, IN)

I have had various opportunities to serve in speaking roles.  These include speaking to youth about resisting temptation, to 5th and 6th graders about addiction and making the right choices, as well as to the whole congregation from the platform giving welcome and announcements.

Behind the scenes I have spent time with the Teaching Design Team and at Creative Burst meetings where participants from different disciplines come together to brainstorm and plan worship experiences.

Camp Challenge
(Bedford, IN)

In my years of involvement with Camp Challenge, I have had the opportunity to speak to youth as a counselor and director.  I have had the grateful opportunity to share my personal story, life lessons, and teaching directly from Scripture.

Mitchell First Church of God
(Mitchell, IN)

During the 3 years my wife and I served in Mitchell, I had several opportunities to share with the congregation, mainly in special events.  Most notably was my presentation of “Christ in the Passover” where I shared Christian connections with the Jewish experience of Passover.

Main Street Church of God
(Anderson, IN)

Gave sermon during ministry internship.  As part of the internship, I was also involved in developing curriculum and teaching Sunday School classes.  I was responsible for design and administration of the church’s website.  My work was complimented by Dr. Leonard Sweet (author, professor, and minister) who called it “the best start-up church website I have seen.”

Other Companies and Organizations:

WebMD Health Services
(Indianapolis, IN)

Early in my employment at WebMD I was recognized for my speaking ability as well as my knowledge in areas of counseling and communication.  I have had the privilege to participate in developing and presenting trainings for new employees as well as a special training event where I was one of only two presenters.

Indianapolis Treatment Center
(Indianapolis, IN)

Having served as clinical supervisor for more than a year, I have had numerous opportunities to conduct training and instruction to our 20 counselor staff.  Topics ranged from day-to-day business concerns as well as education on new and effective forms of helping people live healthier lives.

East 91st Street Christian Church Counseling Center
(Indianapolis, IN)

I was invited to share an in-service presentation to staff regarding problem gambling, an area in which I hold a certification.  My talk included information about the scope of the problem and ways to help people deal with this potentially destructive behavior.

Day of Healing
(Noblesville, IN)

I was called upon to share information about sexual addiction and a community conference on various issues in counseling and emotional healing.  This conference was headlined by Steve Arterburn, author of Every Man’s Battle.


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