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Facebook Prayers

In one of the perhaps 4 times that my wife and I have been able to leave the house together since our son became seriously ill, we happened to run into a friend we used to attend church with.  It had been a few years since we had spoken, yet she greeted us with, “Tell me how are things going with your son.  We have heard so much about him from Facebook.”

I have to say that I reacted with quite the concoction of emotion.  I first wondered why, knowing what was going on, she had neglected to visit, call, send a message, something to let us know that she was praying for us.  Then it occurred to me, “Even though Facebook has been around for some time, perhaps people are not sure how to use it to enter into these situations with those of us who are struggling with life’s circumstances.”

Here, then, are tips that I have come up with to specifically address how to use Facebook to help offer care, support, and prayer for people who are ill or in need.  If you think of any more, please feel free to contribute by adding your thoughts in the comments.

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Tinsley Tuesday: 9/13/2011

Admit it, the only reason you have bothered to read my Tuesday posts is to get an update on the kid.  Well, instead of continuing to play the game, I have changed from “Twitter Tuesday” to “Tinsley Tuesday” so you now can get what you want straight out.

Afterall, who am I but a proud father that enjoys shouting out about his son?

Tinsley has now been out of the hospital for 11 days and seems to be doing very well.  He has not required anything out of the ordinary (ordinary being breathing support with oxygen, trach, suction, and breathing treatments and feeding support with his g-tube and a continuous feed).  He has been more and more adept at using his hands to grasp things (as you can see in the above picture as he yanks on the elastic holding his trach collar on).  That head is moving more all the time as he build agility and freedom of movement.

Hidi painted is room a light green over the weekend and I am working on a mural design of a giraffe, hopefully to be completed by this time next week.  That means that the kid is living on the floor in the living room, something that comes as a thrill for him because he is now able to spent more time involved in family life.  The dogs enjoy “kissing” him, but have been great about leaving him alone.

All in all we expect him to continue to improve.  We continue to welcome your support through prayer and any other help you may be able and willing to offer.

Twitter Tuesday 8/23/2011

One again things have been quite here because Tinsley is again in the hospital.  Yesterday was the 4-month anniversary of his birth.  Circumstances are similar to his last hospital admission: breathing trouble and needing more oxygen.  We will be meeting with our team of doctors later this week to decide on what kind of surgery he needs to eliminate his reflux and aspiration that continue to threaten his airway.

In the meantime, here are some highlights from my Twitter feed including some pictures.  I have begun using instagram to post pictures, so if you are also a user feel free to connect with me that way as well.

  • Whether or not 1 believes in the doctrines of grace is, ultimately, a matter of submitting to the supreme lordship of Christ. -Steve Lawson
  • Regeneration is the act of God and of God alone. –John Murray
  • Can a child become unborn after he is born? Can a Christian be unborn again once he is born again?
  • The virgin birth was monergistic. Mary was passive. Joseph was passive. But the Holy Spirit was active. – Steve Lawson
  • One man cannot save the world… because one man already did.
  • Pray for Tinsley. Just turned up his o2 to the highest it has been since surgery; he is still having trouble keeping his blood o2 levels up. (8/18)
  • Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. (tweeted from the ER)
  • I’m tired of “there;” I want to be “and back again.” (8/22)
  • I’m all attitude! (picture from 8/22)
  • My source for late night entertainment (picture from 8/22)

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Twitter Tuesday 8/16/2011

We had a nice quiet week with Tinsley.  He has been recovering well since his hospital stay last week.  We are hopeful that he will have another good week in preparation for a surgery to hopefully solve the reflux problem that continues to cause his respiratory difficulty.  He has been working very hard on his manual dexterity.  Early this morning he discovered his hand again, reached for mine, and grabbed on.  What a thrill!

As always, here are highlights from my Twitter feed you may have missed.  Be sure to check out the pictures and video of the kid:

  • Finally got that little stinker back home! Tinsley is recovering well and smiling. (8/9)
  • We want one of the two—either to commune with God, or else to sigh and cry till we do so. (via @CHSpurgeon)
  • Chastisement is designed for our good, to promote our highest interests. Look beyond the rod to the All-wise hand that wields it! ~A.W. Pink (via @ReformBookshelf)
  • Just posted a photo
  • Every Christian should be mildly bipolar; we should wail at our sin and thrill at our salvation.
  • Tinsley is really working on his manual dexterity:
  • A team of Christian kooks and I just started a new blog called “Dead Pastors Society”
  • Every comfort is only a shadow of He that is our only comfort.
  • Pray for the families of those who died so suddenly: “Stage collapse at Indiana State Fair kills at least 4” #indyprayer

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Review: The Prince’s Poison Cup

The Prince's Poison CupThe Prince’s Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My son, Tinsley, has been through so much in his short life.  He has spent most of the first 3 months of his life in the hospital or the emergency room.  When we last took him to the ER I told him, “We’re home!”  Even at his age he knows that people who try to help him cause him pain.  He probably does not understand that what is painful is meant to help him, but I am sure that he will understand that better than most as he grows.

RC reading to one of his great-granddaughters.

The book The Prince’s Poison Cup is a story in answer to a small girl’s question of why medicine tastes so badly.  In the cloak of a sage grandfather, RC Sproul tells about a king who loved his people so much that he sent his son, the prince, to drink a wretched poison from a fountain in order to die and reconcile the people with their king.  Drinking the horrid poison was the only way to set things right, and the prince did it to save the people that his father loved best.

Tinsley has a very strong opinion of books at his age (he loves to hear CH Spurgeon and hates his mommy’s theology book).  He was absolutely taken by the artwork in this book, starring at each picture as I showed it to him.  I know that he does not now understand the words, but I am eager to share this story with him again and again to help not only give him context for his pain, but as a way to talk about our Savior Jesus Christ.