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Rob Bell Puts Hell on Trial in New Book: “Love Wins”

How can a loving God banish people to hell?  This is the question that Rob Bell, rock star pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI, asks in his new book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.  As this video promotion shows, Bell refuses to believe in a god who would even consider such an action:

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Genesis: Just a Bunch of Stories?

Tony Jones is a theologian-of-sorts who operates in residence at Solomon’s Porch, a “community” founded by Doug Pagitt located in Minneapolis, MN.  

This “community” clearly is part of the Emergent church movement, and Tony Jones is not shy at all about his encouragement on questioning the authority of Scripture and his affirmation of practicing homosexuals.

I ran across this disturbing observation by Tony Jones today:

And that’s a good summary of Genesis, in a nutshell: Some great stories that tell us a lot about the origins of our faith, and a bunch of places where we sure wish we had more details.

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