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Faith, Reason, and the Search for Reality


Is faith really at odds with reality?  It would seem that this is the exact impression that 300 special visitors to the Creation Museum got as they wondered its halls which consistently rejected or misrepresented scientific evidence and replaced it with a document several millennia old.  This particular document is in fact the Bible, and when it comes to its own academic study, well, the reaction tends to be the same when evidence comes up.

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The God Who Wasn’t There

If the “Di Vinci Code Scare” has taught us anything, it is not to get too concerned about new media that tries to destroy the message of Christ (though I do not think that this was the intention of the movie or book).  However, when new media does come up that is a monologue directly aimed at the Bible and the Christian message, then we at least need to be aware of it. 

One such film has been circulating in recent months.  The God Who Wasn’t There is a movie set out to put down historical relevance of the story of Christ and goes as far as to undermine its complete validity.  Much in the way that Dan Brown used “fact” to overlay his story, the filmmakers in this case have also used historical fact and woven it together in this documentary-style film.

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