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Naked Jesus?

Consider this passage from CH Spurgeon’s sermon titled “The Tomb of Jesus“:

We see the grave, but do you notice the grave-clothes, all wrapped and laid in their places, the napkin being folded up by itself? Wherefore are the grave-clothes wrapped up? The Jews said robbers had abstracted the body; but if so, surely they would have stolen the clothes; they would never have thought of wrapping them up and laying them down so carefully; they would be too much in haste to think of it. Why was it then? To manifest to us that Christ did not come out in a hurried manner. He slept till the last moment; then he awoke; he came not in haste. They shall not come out in haste, neither by flight, but at the appointed moment shall his people come to him. So at the precise hour, the decreed instant, Jesus Christ leisurely awoke, took off his cerements, left them all behind him, and came forth in his pure and naked innocence, perhaps to show us that as clothes were the offspring of sin—when sin was atoned for by Christ, he left all raiment behind him—for garments are the badges of guilt: if we had not been guilty we should never have needed them.

What a remarkable notion! That Christ, having paid the sin debt for the human race, would don such a glorious body that he would, in complete innocent of the dawn of creation, no longer bear clothing.  It is not an erotic idea, but a wholly holy thought that Christ would be the first fruits of the resurrection we look forward to and in his appearance he no longer had any shame or guilt to cover.  Christ’s resurrection takes us back to Eden as we follow him.  Eden illustrates God’s plan intent for the human race and in his glorification as the Second Adam, Christ himself returns to that time and displays graphically what sinlessness really means.

All glory to the Son who has become our propitiation!  All thanks be to Christ who took our shame and guilt and returned from the grave spotless and wholly innocent!  All praise to he who adopts us as his own and brings us into the same life and resurrection!

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Twitter Tuesday 8/16/2011

We had a nice quiet week with Tinsley.  He has been recovering well since his hospital stay last week.  We are hopeful that he will have another good week in preparation for a surgery to hopefully solve the reflux problem that continues to cause his respiratory difficulty.  He has been working very hard on his manual dexterity.  Early this morning he discovered his hand again, reached for mine, and grabbed on.  What a thrill!

As always, here are highlights from my Twitter feed you may have missed.  Be sure to check out the pictures and video of the kid:

  • Finally got that little stinker back home! Tinsley is recovering well and smiling. http://t.co/mnBp3Kc (8/9)
  • We want one of the two—either to commune with God, or else to sigh and cry till we do so. (via @CHSpurgeon)
  • Chastisement is designed for our good, to promote our highest interests. Look beyond the rod to the All-wise hand that wields it! ~A.W. Pink (via @ReformBookshelf)
  • Just posted a photo http://instagr.am/p/J6rSw/
  • Every Christian should be mildly bipolar; we should wail at our sin and thrill at our salvation.
  • Tinsley is really working on his manual dexterity:http://youtu.be/UoOS2wrUv5c
  • A team of Christian kooks and I just started a new blog called “Dead Pastors Society” http://j.mp/r0qbBE
  • Every comfort is only a shadow of He that is our only comfort.
  • Pray for the families of those who died so suddenly: “Stage collapse at Indiana State Fair kills at least 4” http://t.co/MTjlanf #indyprayer

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Review: The Prince’s Poison Cup

The Prince's Poison CupThe Prince’s Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My son, Tinsley, has been through so much in his short life.  He has spent most of the first 3 months of his life in the hospital or the emergency room.  When we last took him to the ER I told him, “We’re home!”  Even at his age he knows that people who try to help him cause him pain.  He probably does not understand that what is painful is meant to help him, but I am sure that he will understand that better than most as he grows.

RC reading to one of his great-granddaughters.

The book The Prince’s Poison Cup is a story in answer to a small girl’s question of why medicine tastes so badly.  In the cloak of a sage grandfather, RC Sproul tells about a king who loved his people so much that he sent his son, the prince, to drink a wretched poison from a fountain in order to die and reconcile the people with their king.  Drinking the horrid poison was the only way to set things right, and the prince did it to save the people that his father loved best.

Tinsley has a very strong opinion of books at his age (he loves to hear CH Spurgeon and hates his mommy’s theology book).  He was absolutely taken by the artwork in this book, starring at each picture as I showed it to him.  I know that he does not now understand the words, but I am eager to share this story with him again and again to help not only give him context for his pain, but as a way to talk about our Savior Jesus Christ.

Twitter Tuesday 8/9/2011

Another week of drama with our son’s health.  We took him to the ED last Tuesday and he was just released today.  He had some sort of infection, but responded well to antibiotics.  Continue to pray for him as he had two strange episodes (crying, constriction of pupils, and gray color) that the doctors have concluded was him being overwhelmed and frightened of what is happening to him.  Poor little guy has been through so much in his first 3.5 months.

We did have the pleasure of meeting a family who have been heavily involved in the local Little People (LP) scene.  The McKee family was in the hospital as well and we just happened to meet because by chance they happened to walk past our room on Sunday.  What a wonderful new family we have because of our son’s impressive difference.

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The Profound Simplicity of the Gospel

In his first sermon titled “Sovereignty and Salvation,” the Prince of Preachers makes a very contemporary point regarding our understanding of the gospel and theology. 

I have heard numerous times from many people that we have not yet understood the gospel.  As they share this it is with a glint in their eye, as if the wide and vast unknown is comforting to them.  Could it be that they are that dissatisfied with the way that they have been raised with questions that have answers?  Do they see the church as insufficient to its message?

Frankly, I find the idea that we do not understand the gospel to be frightening!  What assurance do any of us have that we are loved of God, that we are accepted by God, or that anything he has said in his word is reliable? 

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