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In Congress We Trust: Original Sin and the Health Care Debate

If you have not heard by now then you must have just returned on a time-travel expedition, but health care reform has been approved by Congress and has been signed into law.  There has been much debate and will likely still be as the rules that support the law are fashioned.  What has been especially interesting to me in these debates has been the tactics that each side has used.

Closing arguments by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and minority leader, John Boehner, had clearly distinctive differences in content, but what may have been more subtle is the direction of their appeal.  This health care legislation is not popular, meaning that a majority of the American public do not approve.  How, then was the argument of its supporters so strong?  The answer, if your time travel took you back to the Garden of Eden, would be very clear.

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Mailbox 3

Dear Aaron,

Many people I know and love have a quite rigid and narrow perspective on the world, yet call themselves Christians.  For instance, they seem to be very opinionated in regards to politics.  They believe Obama is a communist, Muslim terrorist who was not born in American and is bent on destroying the world.  I don’t see how they would ever want to be Christians, when they hear the other people — the ones that have committed their lives to Christ — sharing hatred rather than respect and compassion.  I mean Jesus teaches us to love our enemies, but this attitude is not at all what I understand to be consistent with people who are followers of Jesus.  I’m not sure how to handle this situation.  It’s very discouraging.

I am certainly not trying to get people to become Democrats or change their political views, but rather to share respectful and factual undertanding of our world.  How can I talk to these people and point out to them that their hateful attitudes are not very Christ-like and that they are actually damaging people in the process?  How do I correct their information so that they can base their opinions on the facts?  How can I influence them in a way that can be respectful, so I do not offend and get drawn into a power struggle?

Thank you in advance.

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Liberty University and the Partisan Play


In light of the controversial decision to stop recognizing the college Democrats group on the campus of Liberty University, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. announced on Monday that no groups with stated political affiliation (both Republican and Democrat groups) will be recognized by the institution.  It seems that they are allowed to meet, but will be doing so unofficially and not be receiving funding from the institution.

I have to scratch my head here, because while a few weeks ago I sarcastically suggested the idea, I am not sure that this makes anything better.  It seems that rather than recognize a political and ideological group because of strong opposition to those views, the administration of Liberty University has decided to completely remove politics from student life.  Some phrases come to mind: “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and “cut off the nose to spite the face” are just a few that spring forward.

This further solidifies the concept that as Christians we are narrow-minded.  In this case we are so much so that we would risk alienation of those with whom we agree so that we do not associate with those with whom we disagree.  Can someone explain to me how this is embodiment of the message of Christ?

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But No Donkeys

The Fallwell Dynasty takes yet another swipe at the church’s reputation in the United States this week by choosing not to recognize the College Democrats at 51Xs+wg+RML._SL500_AA240_Liberty University.  The ban on the group would suggest that it is unChristian to be a Democrat.  Well tell that to the 38% of the Democratic party that claims Christianity as their faith.  Seems that this kind of act simply helps to solidify the idea in the minds of many Americans that to be Christian you have to leave all independent thought at the door.

But as an independent institution, chancellor Jerry Fallwell Jr. has every right to make the decision that he says intends no animosity against these students.

Perhaps a fair and alternative solution could be with an additional ban that is based on a beloved book from my own childhood: “But No Elephants.”

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