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Doritos Instead of Christ

A Los Angeles church decides to make the big time by producing, writing, and directing a Doritos ad to enter a contest to win loads of cash and tickets to the Superbowl.  The church in question is Mosaic, which (after doing some digging) is a Southern Baptist church which is headed by Erwin McManus

The reason that I bring the Doritos ad to this forum is in part because when doing research for the post immediately before this one, it was curious to me why my link to www.erwinmcmanus.com lead me not to a page about none other than Erwin McMaus, but instead brought me to a screen with a single screen shot (above) and the words “We need your vote.”

What has occurred is that the creative powerhouse that is Mosaic teamed up to win a bunch of money.  What better way to “get out the vote” but to replace your website with a forum to collect said votes.

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