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Genesis: Just a Bunch of Stories?

Tony Jones is a theologian-of-sorts who operates in residence at Solomon’s Porch, a “community” founded by Doug Pagitt located in Minneapolis, MN.  

This “community” clearly is part of the Emergent church movement, and Tony Jones is not shy at all about his encouragement on questioning the authority of Scripture and his affirmation of practicing homosexuals.

I ran across this disturbing observation by Tony Jones today:

And that’s a good summary of Genesis, in a nutshell: Some great stories that tell us a lot about the origins of our faith, and a bunch of places where we sure wish we had more details.

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Hairy Ticks: An Insider’s Perspective

A series on the mind and heart of the average Christian heretic

Just the sound of their name is enough to make your skin crawl.  They carry disease and are so quiet and subtle that you may not even know you have become a victim before it is too late.  They sink their teeth in and devour the life-giving nutrients from your body as the remove your blood.

Unfortunately, this is not about insects, but people who hold and teach others false doctrines.  This post is written by one.

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Dear Mr. Rosebrough

Special thanks to Chris Rosebrough for featuring my recent post, “Pop Went the Church,” on Friday March 19’s edition of his internet radio program called Fighting for the Faith.


My Conversation With Doug Pagitt

The following is the “transcript” of a conversation that I had back in November 2009 with Doug Pagitt of Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, MN. My responses to Pagitt are typed with links to the tweets themselves, but his are screen shots from Tweetdeck because shortly after our conversation he deleted all of his comments, so no online source exists.

@LawGrace You don’t have @jonestony on your heretics list… I wonder why 😉 (Online Source)

@pagitt I wonder why there is so much criticism… hmm… but thank you for your gracious comment. (Online Source)

@pagitt Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the authority of Scripture? Do you trust the biblical canon? (Online Source)

@pagitt I only ask because @jonestony calls it into question on his blog… calling the canon “too Pauline.” (Online Source)

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Rob Bell’s Christianity

Rob Bell

The world is changed…

The opening line of the epic films of The Lord of the Rings sounds in my mind.  The world that surrounds us has changed and encapsulated in time is the Church.  While it is easy to be critical of the Church-at-large, there remains an embedded truth in the tradition as it has been transmitted across time.

Within these changes sits the Church as it struggles to speak to people who are changing within our rapidly dynamic culture.  Yet within the heart of these changes and movements, one fact remains: truth of ancient times is still truth of our time.  When that truth is betrayed, what is left is fallacy.

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