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US Constitution Divine? Part 2

Some time ago I stumbled upon a painting (I later found to be done by a Mormon) of Jesus holding the US Constitution as if the Founding Fathers did not so much write it as they were handed it by Christ himself.  My brief comment about it was welcomed by a very vibrant conversation.

Lo and behold, there is a follow-up to the original painting:

The painting features current President Barak Obama standing on the Constitution and flanked by all the other presidents including George W. Bush who is just over his right shoulder. Click here for a larger, interactive, version of this painting.

What first strikes me about the painting itself (other than FDR standing) is that it is Obama who is standing on the Constitution amidst shreds of paper containing the Bill of Rights.  Could we not also put other presidents, like, I don’t know, George W. Bush himself who presided over the near military state as the Patriot Act was signed into law to “protect” the American people while giving the federal government unprecedented power over the populous?

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In Congress We Trust: Original Sin and the Health Care Debate

If you have not heard by now then you must have just returned on a time-travel expedition, but health care reform has been approved by Congress and has been signed into law.  There has been much debate and will likely still be as the rules that support the law are fashioned.  What has been especially interesting to me in these debates has been the tactics that each side has used.

Closing arguments by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and minority leader, John Boehner, had clearly distinctive differences in content, but what may have been more subtle is the direction of their appeal.  This health care legislation is not popular, meaning that a majority of the American public do not approve.  How, then was the argument of its supporters so strong?  The answer, if your time travel took you back to the Garden of Eden, would be very clear.

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US Constitution Divine?

Jesus Constitution
Okay, I am going to say this emphatically and succinctly: the Constitution of the United States of America was not divinely inspired.  The Constitution of the United States of America was not handed to the Founding Fathers by Jesus Christ.  Nor did Jesus hand around for another hundred years and hand gold plates to Joseph Smith to translate into the Book of the Mormon.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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