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Review: Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We’ve Made Up

Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We've Made Up
Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We’ve Made Up by Francis Chan
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Somehow people have gotten the impression that Christians, at least the conservative ones, really like the idea of hell.  I do really love the idea of sin and death being cast away for all eternity; can you imagine a world like that?  But people must visualize God as Mr. Burns, wringing his hands just waiting for the chance to make the lowly condemned people in sector 7G get what is coming to them for their shoddy disregard for the task he demands of them.

On the contrary, like a parent warning that a knife is not the best thing to put into a light socket, the Christian who is passionate about the topic of hell is so because of the fervent fear that people will indeed find themselves perishing.  In fact, it is said to be impossible to really understand Christianity without also facing the reality of our due penalty in hell.

In his book Erasing Hell, Francis Chan does a very good job at describing his own pain when he considers the idea of hell and how his quest for the truth from the Bible about this unpopular concept in effort, at least in part, to simply explain it away.

Not coincidentally written on the heels of Rob Bell’s now infamous book Love Wins, Chan debunks the idea that hell is some general concept about reaping what we sow on earth, and how Jesus himself really did teach that hell is a real place and that people will really go there.

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New Fire and Brimstone


In 1997, Robert Duvall “graced” the screen in a film called The Apostle in which he played a fiery Southern Baptist preacher.  Even then the story of this man seemed like an anachronism.  Did anyone actually preach like that any more?  Who would think to speak in such a harsh way toward people and think that they will want to come back and listen to you again the next week?

There certainly continues to be those who use scare-tactics to “bring people to Christ,” but fortunately most have wised up.  Or have they?

“Fire and Brimstone” preaching is best known for its scary and sinister manipulation into agreeing to a complete life makeover.  The preacher’s face would get just as red as he described the fires of hell and he would shout, dance around and cry as if he were demonstrating what it would be like.  Although this is why these hell-bound messages are remembered, this is really not what was so deceitful about this kind of preaching.

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