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Meta-Critique: Mehta on Miller

Over the past several months I have had a unique opportunity to interact with atheists on matters of faith (or “lack of faith” as it were).  It is interesting to me how time and time again they tend to be keenly aware of the problems in the church, although not always a full understanding of what biblical Christianity is all about.

 One recent observation was made by Hemant Mehta in his post titled “God Doesn’t Have a Plan for Your Life.”  You may be inclined to quickly react against that, but before you do consider the fact that it is essentially a line taken from another post, of which Mehta’s is a critique.  Donald Miller, famed Christian and author of Blue Like Jazz, wrote a post titled “Does God Have a Specific Plan for Your Life? Probably Not,” where he explains that unless you have heard a donkey talk to you or have become pregnant in spite of never having had sex, God probably does not have a specific program for you to follow.

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Ten Tips for Christian Witness

Relationship is the way to connect people with Christ.

I understand that there are many out there who feel the urgency to speak to people in such a way that they will know Christ in that moment to save them from hell and for heaven.  However, the odds are that this person will not die in the next few hours and it is also just as unlikely that people you meet will not have heard or will not hear again.

Remember: the God we believe in loves those people more than you do.  And if you forgot that, perhaps you want to take a look at John chapter 3 again.

It is vital that we pay attention to who we are talking to, and connect to the idea that no one wants to speak openly with someone who is fake.  This takes time but the effort can be worth it.  This also requires that we put into practice what we believe about God.  If the God we serve is as powerful as we read, share, and believe, then God can take our efforts and make them meaningful if we focus on following God’s will for our lives in everything we do.

This is not only my idea.  Take a look:

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