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The Jesus Bruise

When Isaiah prophesied about the wounds of Christ, I do not think that he intended to predict the appearance of a bruise of Jesus that actually appeared on another person.

National news covered the innocuous appearance of the image of Christ in a bruise sustained by an elderly woman.  People who treated her were also so moved by this “discovery” that they even posted pictures of it around the clinic.

Surprisingly enough, Mary Massa is a Christian, as are those who found the bruise anything to hoot about.  I wonder what they would have seen if they were Muslim?  But then again it is against Islam to produce an image of Muhammad… does that include “miraculous” appearances?

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‘Religulous’ is Ridiculous?

From the DVD jacket:

In this new comedy… comedian and TV host Bill Maher takes a pilgrimage across the globe on a mind-opening journey into the ultimate taboo: questioning religion.  Meeting the high and low from different religions, Maher simply asks questions, like “Why is faith good?” “Why doesn’t an all-powerful God speak to us directly?” and “How can otherwise rational people believe in a talking snake?”  For anyone who’s even a little spiritually curious, this divine entertainment will deepen your faith…in comedy!

Let’s just say that even from the jacket, it is obvious that there are quite a disparity of opinions being expressed in this “documentary” that comes in the spirit of a Michael Moore film.  Bill Maher has quite the abrasive personality that is also darkly engaging.  This seems to be at least at some level a personal journey for him.  The film starts with a conversation with his mother and is salted with his own experiences in being 50% Catholic and 50% Christian.

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