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“It’s Your Time”: the Latest Refuse from Joel Osteen


It has been said, “Never judge a book by it’s cover.”  Yet even alone, some book covers cause so much difficulty they require special notice.  After all, many more people are influenced by the cover of books as they glance over a bookstores wares than who actually read them.  Last week (November 3, 2009), a “new” installment of the tripe that Joel Osteen calls “truth” graced the shelves of bookstores across the country.  Having written two best-sellers that are essentially carbon copies of one another, any wise entrepeneur would make the third attempt to repackage the same refuse and sell it yet again.

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The Prosperous Lies of Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

Even before he takes the stage, Joel Osteen‘s “ministry” sends out the ubiquitous lie: “Discover the champion in you.”

As a pastor whose facility packs 16,000 people in each meeting, Joel Osteen is a mammoth and has become his own industry.   Succeeding his father, John, in 1999 Osteen has written several books including the New York Times bestseller, Your Best Life Now. He has been hailed by former presidential candidate John McCain as “inspiring” and was named on the list of the most interesting people of 2006 by Barbara Walters.

Through the rose-colored lenses of capitalism, Joel Osteen is the zenith of what it means to be a success.  In less than a decade he has taken the church he inherited from his father and built it into an empire of sorts.  His books top the best-seller lists and his name is synonymous with an inspiring and uplifting message.  To share a taste of his teaching, I simply went to YouTube.com and found the most recent of his Sunday “sermonars.”  Take a moment to listen what he has to say in this 10 minute clip before reading on (the rest of the message is here and here):

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