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Twilight is Pornography

… so says Mark Driscoll

Let me track the logic for you. In the final chapters of his book Vintage Church, Mark recommends that pastors spend a concerted amount of time watching popular movies and television shows, with the exception of those he would consider pornographic (Vintage Church, p.225). He says that he owns multiple TiVo units so that he can watch everything while skipping through commercials to save time.

Dricoll seems to have a fairly liberal definition of pornography, at least in comparison to some. He accepts that there are acceptable depictions of the nude form in art (i.e. Michelangelo’s David), which many consider offensive. However, his concept of what constitutes as pornography has at least one interesting aspect. The definition of what Mark considers pornographic includes “along with sexual nudity and pornography, we also include women’s romance novels” (Real Marriage, p. 145).

I have heard this argument about these trashy novels before, and I think it holds merit. One of the distinct differences in the sexuality of men and women is that men are more visual in nature and women are more engaged by emotional content. The infamous Harlequin novels have graphic detail of sexual encounters according to the random interviews I have read with their authors. Their obvious appeal is the fantasy that it presents as these novels are consumed by a primarily female audience.

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Review: Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together

Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together
Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together by Mark Driscoll
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There are literally hundreds of books out there on marriage.  I think it is likely because no one really has the silver bullet to kill marital strife or even the day-to-day doldrums that every married person experiences.  Then comes along Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace with their crack at it, appropriately titled Real Marriage.  I was eager to get my hands on this one in particular of Driscoll’s other books because this is a topic that he is both most noted and most criticized for.

The Driscolls tackle everything from the importance of being friends with your spouse to what kind of sex acts are permissible according to the Bible.  Most of the book is rather basic, although Mark has gotten much press for being willing to talk about things like oral and anal sex as well as birth control methods from the pulpit.  In an age where many from recent generations have not had an opportunity to talk about sex and marriage with Christian parents, it is good that someone is picking up the slack from a biblical perspective.

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Review: Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions

Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely QuestionsVintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions by Mark Driscoll
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Are you one of those people who wonder who theology books are even written for?  5 volumes with 500 pages each sound a bit intimidating?  Well, perhaps this book is for you.  Vintage Jesus is a contemporary and conversational theology of Jesus written by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears for people who care about theology, but may not know where to start.

Driscoll and Breshears do a terrific job presenting the essentials of what the Bible teaches about Jesus and then make it relevant to our lives as Christians.  It is a good book for you if you are just cutting your theological teeth or just looking for a refresher with some new insights.  For instance, the authors speculate about an allusion to the virgin birth of Jesus way back in Genesis 3.

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Twitter Tuesday: 4/19/2011

This was an eventful week! Fantastic time care of The Gospel Coalition and their national conference in Chicago.  Among the speakers were Tim Keller, pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, Dr. Albert Mohler, who is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Mark Driscoll, pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA.

The audio for all the plenary sessions are available here:

Below I have included some notes I tweeted during the conference sessions.  Be sure to take a look at all my notes on my twitter feed at

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Emerging Church According to Mark Driscoll


Among the most controversial posts as of late has been the one I did on Rob Bell and his version of Christianity.  While I have been told that Rob Bell never has said definitively that he is a part of the Emerging Church (EC), he has at least been a part of the early conversations that have resulted in the organization known as the Emergent Village.

Another of these early movers and shakers was a man named Mark Driscoll.  He started with this group, knows many of them personally, and so his perspective is one of an insider.

Below is a short clip from a full lecture on the “streams” of the emerging church.  This may help several of you to know a bit more about what this all means and some of the controversy, and in this case from someone who has been directly involved in it. 

For the full lecture click here.

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