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Dear Rob Bell…

Rob Bell

Because I have had people ask me if I have ever actually gone to the source to see if what I am writing about Rob Bell is true and reliable regarding his theology, I attempted to contact him via his author page at Zondervan’ website:

 Customer (Aaron Gardner) 09/29/2009 04:14 PM
Dear Mr. Bell,

I have one simple yes or no question for you: do you believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Thanks for your time,

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‘Drops Like Stars’ and the Ever-Elusive Message of Rob Bell

Drops Like Stars Rob Bell

A collection of anecdotes, personal stories, and film illustrations with a dash of Scripture, Drops Like Stars is the fourth publication by the rock-star preacher Rob Bell of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The large, full-color book has very few words for its 140 pages that can be read in under 30 minutes and at $35 that comes very close to a dollar a minute.  Bell’s stories represent a wide breadth of backgrounds and cultures.  He tells stories featuring Native Americans, the pope, music legends, actors, and at least one story about how some people believed in ancient times.

The stated thesis of the book is an exploration of art and suffering.  Through its course it becomes less about art and suffering and much more about the art of suffering.  Bell begins by sharing the story of a father whose two sons had wives who were pregnant; one miscarried and one gave birth to a healthy baby.  In exploring the ambivalence generated in this sort of polarizing experience, he builds momentum through story after story.

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