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Templeton Prayer Study FAIL!

Farm Prayer

Way back in 2006, the John Templeton Foundation published the results of its study on prayer and its effect on people who were suffering from major heart conditions and undergoing heart surgery.  The study was double-blind and used a control group.  Two groups were chosen, one of which were prayed for and the other which was not, but neither were told which group they were in.  A third group served as a control were prayed for and told this.

After 2.4 million dollars invested from the Templeton Foundation and 2.3 million invested from the federal government, here are the results:

  • More people (59%) in the control group suffered more complications than in the groups who did not know if they were being prayed for (51%).
  • 18% of those in the uninformed prayer group suffered major complications (including heart attack) as compared to 13% in the group that did not receive prayers.

These results have precedent: the New York Times reports on a study done in 1997 studied 40 alcoholics in recovery.  Those who were prayed for did worse than those who were not.

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Creation Museum Supports Evolution

… or so it may seem!

Try this on for size.  A recent New York Time article points out that some of the claims on walls of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY comment about how Noah took two of every kind of animal… not two of every animal.  This implies that small numbers of common ancestors did give rise to the varieties and variations that are evident in the animal kingdom today.

Could there be more in common among creationists and evolutionists?

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