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Full Circle

It would stand to reason that Christians who hang with reformation theology would have a problem with talking about “works.”  One blogger recently suggested that reformed Christians have a “fear of works.” Even from its inception, the Reformation was reactive against the authority of the Papacy and the doctrine of the Roman Catholic church regarding penance and works as being a payment for sin.  At that time the Catholic church was the only option in terms of Christian teaching and worship, and its intimate relationship with the ruling powers easily allowed the false doctrine of justification by works violate and tarnish the gospel.  Martin Luther, John Calvin and others challenged the church’s position and many were burned at the stake for their challenge.

But the Bible does teach us to do good, in fact (dare I say)  it requires Christians to do good works.  Surely without good works there would never have been a Reformation and no one would have taken up the banner of the true gospel even to death without them.  There is a dramatic difference between justification by works, which is outright heresy, and justification by faith.  Indeed we are justified by our faith, and it is this gospel that is so clearly defined in the book of Galatians.

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