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Paul Washer on the Scandal of the Gospel

If you want to know what Christianity is, take a look at this:

Chris Rosebrough does a critique of this lecture on his program, Fighting for the Faith.


Friends for the Journey


It has occurred to me that my recent posts about spiritual journey that every one is on could sound like relativistic, pluralistic dribble.  On the contrary, my intention is not to support views of many roads to the same god but more to acknowledge that we are all seeking some sort of meaning and connection to a Higher Power than ourselves. Granted many attempt to cultivate that Higher Power within themselves through power and influence.  And as in the classic case of the “rich young ruler,” we may dupe ourselves into thinking that are intentions are genuine only to have someone who sees our true intentions.  So we are all on a search for God, although may end up creating gods for ourselves.

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