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Paul Washer on the Scandal of the Gospel

If you want to know what Christianity is, take a look at this:

Chris Rosebrough does a critique of this lecture on his program, Fighting for the Faith.


Heroes and the Futility of Self


Superheros are not my idea of a concept for a good story.  I am typically drawn to stories featuring ordinary people in extraordinary situations.  However, my brother-in-law who turned me on to Lost told me that I really had to watch Heroes, and he was absolutely right.  The characters are almost all too human and are dealing with strong and challenging human emotion.  One glorious scene in Season 3 Episode 19 even has one of the characters, Peter Petrelli (above) prays aloud, challenging Christ himself to keep his end of a bargain to support and edify the family as they work for the good of their community.

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