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Rain and Sunshine for All


Comments on Intra-religious Tolerance

In the midst of all the controversy among Christians these days, it is important to remember that we are all God’s people.  Scripture is clear that we believe in a God who comes, and that God picked us.  We did not pick Him. 

This is especially difficult to hang on to when the fundamentals of our faith and belief are seemingly undermined.  It is human nature to cling to what is stable and consistent rather than reach for the olla podrida of concepts and ideas that pervade our society.  No doubt that the foundation has to be built solid, but as Jesus pointed out the foundation is only as good as the location in which it is built in the first place. 

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A Time for Everything

Seems like there was something written about there being a time and place for everything.  Ecclesiastes 3 is the Bible’s take no that classic Eagles song (yes, I know that the Bible was written first, it was a joke) about how there are things that really have their day, but then the next day comes around and, well it is not such a beautiful thing.

 This puts me in mind of how different evangelism has already become in the past few decades.  I am old enough to have attended a Billy Graham crusade.  But when was the last time one of them by any other evangelist even happened?  Times have changed and the people that crusades (unfortunately named) are those who already believed in God, the Bible, heaven, and hell.  What was so impacting for these people is that they were being challenged to see that they were not living the life that God wanted them to live and were so convicted that they went forward in droves to do something about it.

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